Ultra Box FAQ

1.What is UltraBox?

The Ultra Box is Astro’s latest generation of 4K UHD enabled box with Cloud recording feature, redesigned new interface, and a dedicated UHD channel. Just connect the all new Ultra Box to the internet and take control of your entertainment and explore over 60,000 videos that are waiting to be streamed, anytime. Premier League matches and F1 races come to your home now in  4K  Ultra-HD clarity.  With the ability to record as many shows as you want simultaneously.

The new interface on Astro Ultra Box offers an enhanced viewing experience with a brand-new look and feel with features such as:

• New Home Screen - Everything you see is yours
• Discover VOD – Discover 60,000 videos, stream anytime, anywhere
• Search - Search faster and easier
• Play from Start - You missed the start? Just restart
• Stop Here, Continue There -Stop on one screen and continue on another device
• Multi-Screen – Stream seamlessly across any device
• Cloud Recording -Record all the programmes you want at the same time

2. Will I be charged for the shows that I watch on the new interface?

There are no additional charges as all shows are included according to your subscription package with the exception of titles from the Store tab.

3. I already have Ultra Box. How do I use all the new features?

Check out our user guide for a quick and easy way to get started!

• Download our user guide in English
• Download our user guide in Malay
• Download our user guide in Chinese

Do you need more information? Watch our Astro Ultra How to videos here

4. Am I eligible for the UltraBox?

All existing or new Astro customers who meet the following criteria may upgrade to the Ultra Box

1. Have an internet connection at home (recommended > 10 Mbps speed)
2. Maintain a minimum subscription with a HD + Recording service

If you live in a high-rise building, please call us at 03-74908000 to check if your building can support the Ultra Box. If your high-rise building allows for the set-up of individual dishes you will be able to upgrade to the Ultra Box, subject to the criteria above.

We also recommend a 4K UHD  supported TVthat isHDCP2.2 compliant to access the AstroUHD channels.

Note: If you do not have an internet connection at home, you may take up the Ultra Box bundledwithAstro’sbroadbandpackagewithrebatesofuptoRM30/month. For more details and to sign up for Astro & Broadband, please click here.

5. Will there be any installation involved when I upgrade to the UltraBox?

Yes,  we will swap your current Astro  Box to the  Ultra  Box,  and perform any necessary installation to support it.

6. Do I need to own a 4K UHD TV for the UltraBox?

No, you can upgrade/sign up for the Ultra Box without a 4K TV. New features such as New Home Screen, Cloud Storage, streaming VOD, Play From Start, Search, Stop Here Continue There, can still be accessed and enjoyed.

However, to access the 4K UHD channel (CH 780), a compatible 4K TV that is HDCP 2.2 compliant is required.

7. How do I check if my TV model supports Astro’s 4K UHD standard?

Please check the back of your TV, TV Manual or speak to your TV manufacturer to find out if your TV:

• Supports 4K UHD resolution
• Is HDCP 2.2 compliant

Without these criteria, you will not be able to access Astro’s 4K UHD channels.

8. What is 4K UHD and tell me about the UHD content available with the UltraBox?

4K  UHD  offers  4  times the resolution of  HDTV  (4K  UHD  has  3840x2160  resolution with  8 million pixels compared to  HD  which has  1920x1080  with  2  million pixels),  sharper detail, smoother lines and a richer colour palette, as well as a vibrant colour TV experience.

Customers with  Ultra  Box can access  Astro  UHD  Channel  (CH  780)  to enjoy our  UHD offerings.  Astro  UHD  Channel will show a  selection of mixed-genre programming including sports, movies, documentaries and concerts. Sports highlights include the Premier League, the Spanish Primera Liga and the Formula 1 World Championships.

In addition, we will also be showing selected latest blockbuster movies in Ultra HD via Astro Best Channel 481. Please note that a standard rent of RM12/movie for 48 hours applies.

9. Will I be charged for accessing Astro’s UHD Channel 780?

No, you will not be charged for accessing Astro’s UHD Channel (CH780) as it available for all customers upgrading to the Ultra Box.

• Please ensure that your TV supports 4K UHD resolution and is HDCP 2.2 compliant to access Astro’s 4K UHD channels.
• Maintain a minimum subscription with a HD + Recording service.

10. Why can’t I view some channels that are part of my subscription?

You’re probably trying to view SD version of the channel. Please switch to the corresponding HD  channel that are now available on the  Ultra  Box for the best viewing and recording experience.

11. What is Astro Cloud?

Astro Cloud is a new way of recording your favourite shows. Your recordings will be stored on Astro’s cloud servers, allowing you to record all the programmes you want at the same time from your TV or Astro GO simultaneously.

All Astro customers are entitled to 200 hours of free cloud recording storage. Astro Cloud is currently available through Ultra Box and Astro GO app.

12. I need more Cloud storage; how do I upgrade my storage?

To upgrade your storage space,   please call us at 03 7490 8102,  or login at selfservice.astro.com.my,and select Subscription->AstroCloud.The current upgrade options are  as  below,  and will be shared across all your household devices (Ultra  Box  and  mobile devices with Astro GO)

Hours of HD Recording Rate
200 hours FREE
400 hours RM 12
1,500 hours RM15

*Please note, cloud recordings on TV is currently for the Ultra Box only

13.Why am I unable to record some of my programmes on AstroCloud?

To give you the best viewing experience, Cloud Recording is configured to record on  HD channels only. For example,torecordashowonAstroRia,youwillneedtorecordonChannel 104(Astro Ria HD) instead of Channel 124(Astro Ria). All cloud recordings will be stored for a limited time while some channels cannot be recorded. Click here for the full list of retention period for all channels.

14. How will I know when is the expiry date for the programme I have recorded on Astro Cloud?

Under My Library, the expiry date for each programme will be displayed on the programme poster 30 days prior to the actual expiry date.

15. I live in an apartment  /condominium/flat  /high-rise building. Can I get the UltraBox?

For buildings with centralized infrastructure:

Only certain buildings have the required centralized infrastructure today to support transmission for the Ultra Box. Please call us at 03-74908000 to identify if your building can support the Ultra Box.

For buildings that allow setup of individual satellite dishes:

If your building allows you to install your own satellite dishes, you may upgrade / sign up for thenewUltraBox.PleaserefertoQuestion(5) for additional criteria to get the best out of the Ultra Box experience.