Astro Go

What is Astro GO?

Astro GO is a complimentary app for all Astro customers to enjoy their favourite shows and channels on their smartphones, tablets and computers – anytime, anywhere in Malaysia. Astro customers with an active Pay-TV subscription can link their accounts to watch corresponding on demand and TV channels available on Astro GO as part of their subscription.

Do I Have to Pay Extra to Use Astro GO?

No, Astro GO is a free app. Your access to Astro GO will depend on the subscription pack that you are subscribed to.

Not all shows/channels will be available on Astro GO as this depends on contractual rights with specific guidelines onthe entitlement of these shows/channels and what you have as a part of your subscription.

Home: Check out all the recommended content or watch your subscribed TV channels via the Channel Guide at the bottom of your home screen.

Catch Up: Missed an episode of your favourite series? Fret not, catch up on the latest episode of your favourite showson Astro GO.

Boxsets: Watch complete seasons and series from our On Demand library anytime anywhere.

Movies: Watch recent and popular movies on your devices! You can access a large catalogue of On Demand movies,according to your subscription.

Kids: Catch all the cartoons, animations and a variety of shows for kids of all ages.

Sports: Watch the biggest sporting shows LIVE on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Store: Other than your subscribed packages, you can also purchase and watch your favourite Pay-Per-View moviesand other Astro exclusive content (not available on iOS devices).

What is an Astro ID?

Astro ID is your own sign-in credential for Astro’s digital services, such as Astro GO, My Astro and more.

Every Astro account comes with a primary Astro ID. You can only have one primary Astro ID and this should ideally be the billpayer and account holder as he or she will be allowed to access billing details and make subscription changes.

After registration, a notification e-mail will be delivered to the primary account holder

Will the Streaming Quality on Astro GO Adjust According to My internet Speed?

Yes, Astro GO uses adaptive streaming, which adjusts the streaming quality depending on network connection and broadband speed. The actual amount of data you will be using for a one-hour stream will vary between 300MB to 700MB.

The recommended broadband speed for viewing is 5MBPS across all devices to avoid poor streaming quality.

Turn on and connect to your Wi-Fi for the best Astro GO experience!

How Can I  Make A Purchase On Astro GO?

Head to the Store section (Android devices only) and Astro GO website. A purchase requires you to enter a 4-digit PIN that can be set up in your settings.

Go to Q12 to understand how to manage your 4-digit PIN.

All purchases on Astro GO will be added to your monthly bill and accessible on both your Astro GO and Astro decoder. Cancellation of purchase is not possible upon confirmation.

*Purchase of content is only available on Android devices*

Are The Purchases Subject to 6% SST?

All purchases on Astro GO are subjected to 6% SST.

I Am Facing Issues On Astro GO, Who Can I Contact?

Please contact us and provide us with your name, Astro ID, mobile phone number and/or e-mail address along with your purchase information via:


If you do not have an Astro ID: