Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

RM 49.06

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01 Upgrade to TV Hot Star

Available Option


- NO


Channels: 60+

Sport: 3

Movies: 1

Kids: 4

Variety: 52

Astro GO App access: YES

Local Channels: YES

International Channels: YES

Starter Pack

Enjoy affordable entertainment with both local & international programmes

Over 60 channels with more than 25 HD channels. Enjoy the most affordable basic entertainment in full HD service with a selection of language or pack. (Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Korean, Kids, Learning, News, Variety, Movies & Sports). Enjoy monthly rebate of RM12.26 for 24 months!*
* Monthly rebate is not applicable for Ultra Box

  • Enjoy 20% off now!
  • FREE Astro GO App access
  • Includes local and international channels
RM61.32 -20%



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